Spiritual Oils for Healing Chakras

Chakras are subtle energetic channels or pathways through which energy flows in the human body. They are associated with various parts of the body, such as the head, heart, throat, solar plexus, sacrum, and crown. The chakras are considered to be the main center of spiritual life.

There are seven major chakras (or energy centers) within the body. Each of these has specific functions and powers. Some of them also correspond to certain organs, glands, and other bodily systems.

The Spiritual Oils for Healing chakras helps in pacifying and activating the energy points.

Healing Chakras

Types of Spiritual Oils

  • Rosemary
    Rosemary is a healing herb that stimulates the mind and body. It promotes mental clarity and concentration, and helps to relieve anxiety. Rosemary oil can help stimulate the pineal gland, which is located at the base of the brain. This gland produces melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep cycles. Rosemary oil can also be used to promote relaxation and calmness.
  • Lavender
    Lavender oil is known for its relaxing effects. It is often used to treat insomnia, depression, and nervous tension. Lavender oil is also used to promote emotional balance and reduce stress. Lavender oil can be applied directly to the skin to aid in relaxation.
  • Frankincense
    Frankincense is a resin produced by trees native to Africa and Arabia. It is considered sacred by many cultures, including those of ancient Egypt and India. It is said to have been used in religious rituals since antiquity. Frankincense is believed to improve memory and concentration, and may even enhance creativity. It is also thought to increase spiritual awareness.
  • Sandalwood
    Sandalwood is a fragrant wood that grows throughout tropical regions of Asia. Its oils are used to make incenses and perfumes. Sandalwood is also used to purify air and water. It is believed to promote peace and tranquility.
  • Clary Sage
    Clary sage is a powerful herb that is native to Europe and North America. It is said to be effective in treating depression, anxiety, and insomnia. It is also used to encourage dreams and visions.
  • Patchouli
    Patchouli is a strong-smelling herb that is native to Southeast Asia. It is used to treat depression, anxiety, and stress. Patchouli is also used to promote sexual desire.
  • Ylang Ylang
    Ylang ylang is a flowering tree native to Madagascar. It is used for its sweet scent and calming effect. It is believed to boost self-confidence and promote feelings of well being.

Some selected chakra healing Oils

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Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice: Working with the Chakras, Divine Archetypes, and the Five Great Elements

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Indio Money Drawing Fragranced Oil - 0.5oz

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White Sage & Palo Santo Purification Essential Oil for Energy Clearing & Protection - Use in All Diffusers & Aromatherapy - Handmade with Pure, Organic Essential Oils

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Protection from Evil Oil by Art of the Root | Handmade Oil | Metaphysical, Wiccan, Pagan, & Magick | Negative Energy, Psychic Attacks & Evil Intentions

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Mystic Moments | Water Element & Scorpio Zodiac Sign Astrology Essential Oil Blend Twin Pack (2x10ml)

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Higher Vibrational Living: Through Astrology, Essential Oils, and Chinese Medicine

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Mystic Moments | Sagittarius - Zodiac Sign Astrology Essential Oil Blend - 10ml

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Are chakra oils useful?

The Chakra Oils helps in pacifying and activating the energy chakras.


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