Who are Angels and what is their Purpose

Angels: Unseen Messengers Among Us

Introduction: “Angels” which simply mean “messengers,” are amongst us and unseen with the physical eye, as they exist in the realm of spirit or what some call “the other side.” Anyone can be a “messenger,” so what some consider ghosts, spirits, or even angels could easily be one and the same. If you are reading this, then I am a messenger to you in a sense. However, many today are afraid of communication from “the other side” or “spirit realm.”

Understanding the Nature of Angels:

First, let me say there is no devil or “satan” to fear, for the devil or “satan” is the fallen intellect (mind) of man; the man being led outwardly by his own mind, emotions, and physical five senses rather than by the inward leading of the Holy Spirit of God speaking to his soul. The soul of man, which is the man, is where the voice of God gently speaks to the man as a “knowing;” and consequently produces love, peace, and joy through the Holy Spirit, which is the same. “Demons” are nothing more than strongholds or “fears” in our mind which must be torn down for us to be released from the bondage of being led outwardly. There is nothing to fear but myself; for only I can attack me. Once one knows what these things are, then fear goes away as understanding of ghosts and angels is gained.

“Spirits” – Messengers of the Conscious Mind:

“Spirits” (some call them “ghosts” when they are discerned spiritually or physically) on the other hand, are simply people out of their physical body and in their “spirit-body.” “Good and evil spirits” simply speak to the condition of the conscious mind of the person on the other side, whether fallen or ascended (enlightened). Spirits are messengers, for they speak their messages to our intellects. They come in the form of thoughts. Both fallen and enlightened may speak, but the state of the messenger will determine the state of the message with regard to the amount of truth contained within that message. A spirit may only speak the truth he knows, and nothing more. Many spirits try and help us, but the degree of help they can provide is determined by their own state of mind and condition of soul.

The Evolution of Understanding – Angels in Ancient Beliefs:

I believe the old testament saints such as Abraham, Moses, and Elijah heard these messengers and thought God to be speaking to them. From these messages, their errant beliefs were of a God who both murdered and loved. What resulted was a law created by man (Law of Moses) to try and bring harmony, but it was a law that did not produce any freedom at all. The messengers that spoke in that day to the patriarchs simply did not understand the development of soul, but only understood the development of mind or intellect (Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Is knowledge the same as wisdom?). The messengers knew if someone put their own self into prison by thinking incorrectly (sin), there was a self-imposed price to be paid before the mis-thinking was done away with in the mind. Hence, the mind or intellect could ascend unto peace and joy, but the relationship with God was not developed. Therefore, Jesus was the first to be enlightened with the truth of communication with the heavenly Father within the soul and soul development. In other words, there was more to know and become than just a clean mind. There was even more peace and joy and wisdom to be gained. Jesus showed mankind that all of us had been given the ability to become the very essence of God. Develop the soul, and the mind would be developed, as well. The soul is one’s innermost being. Soul development is simply seeking the Father from within your very being. He comes by way of the Holy Spirit which eternally transforms our souls unto His likeness. For God is Spirit. And Spirit is energy…God’s energy being love.

Angels Today: Ascended Messengers Guiding the Whole:

The messengers or “angels” speaking today are ascending with the knowledge of this truth and are bringing the whole unto the relationship with the Father. Jesus spoke of these messengers around us speaking with the task of assisting the ascension of the whole when he declared to Nathanael, “You shall see angels ascending and descending upon the son of man (mankind).” This is the ladder Jacob saw extend from the “house of God” (you), unto the heavens, the place of the Father (Jacob saw these angels communicating to man what they thought to be true of God and His kingdom). I believe lesser spirits on the other side can receive truth from us and ascended messengers (angels), as messages are spoken to us. Higher, ascended spirits “descend” to us and lesser spirits than themselves, speaking truth which leads all to the freedom which can only come from within – a relationship with the heavenly Father. Therefore, we are “surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses,” as spoken of by Paul in the Book of Hebrews. This is why Jesus “descended” into hell after his physical death, to set the captives free. For what is hell except not knowing God and the truth of who you really are? Therefore, Jesus freed the minds of those on the other side by speaking the message of seeking the divine love of the Father unto the changing of the soul.

Seeking Truth: A Soul’s Connection with Ascended Messengers:

I believe when someone opens up their soul to the Holy Spirit, the ascended messengers can see it. Furthermore, I believe the condition of a man’s soul to be visible on the other side and cannot be hidden. They come and speak truth to that person to assist in their coming to the knowledge of the truth. Often I have heard messages as thoughts in my own mind and attributed them as being God speaking to me. They have been clearly produced from somewhere else other than my own mind, for I have received information I was not capable of thinking, or at times having even received foreknowledge. When it has been a message of truth from an ascended messenger, I have been able to feel the very presence of God or Holy Spirit within my soul as a witness to its truth.

The Transfiguration: An Encounter with Enlightened Messengers:

Jesus spoke to Moses and Elijah at the “Mount of Transfiguration.” Peter, James, and John were told they were “seeing the son of man coming into his kingdom.” How was that happening? I believe they saw Jesus’, Moses’, and Elijah’s countenances change to “light” as he and the messengers spoke to one another. This openly revealed to the disciples the possibility of the transformation of the soul of all mankind by the Holy Spirit, which was seen as the “light,” and the truth concerning the mission of assistance in that transformation, by God’s messengers (angels).

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