Root Chakra Breathing Techniques

Root chakra breathing techniques are one of the ways to balance this chakra. In yoga it’s also known as pranayama.

Some of the well-known spiritual masters have all advised to have a right breathing pattern to balance the chakras. Parmahansa yogananada who has a massive following in the west also mentions about the yogic breathing practices.

In india the spritual gurus like Sri Shri Ravishankar and Sadguru also have suggested pranayams ( breathing excersices)

Steps to do the root chakra breathing

  • Sit in a crossed leg upright position
  • See straight in front and keep your spine erect
  • Relax
  • Now close your eyes gently
  • move your attention into your spine and take it down to the Root Chakra location
  • hold your attention at the root chakra and start watching your breath
  • Take deep breath .. take it down to the root chakra.. (don’t do shallow breathing)
  • breathe out and relax
  • Take deep breath again till the base of your coccyx and exhale slowly.
  • Continue this for 5 minutes when starting and slowly do for 15 minutes daily.
Before starting this pranayam its good to clear your nostrils by inhaling and exhaling from the left and right nostrils alternately. This clears the ida and pingla nadi and helps in activating the energy chakras.


When can we do Root chakra breathing?

It is advised to do in early morning during brahma mooharat before sunrise. In case you cannot do at that time do after you wake up and freshen up.

How do I know it’s helping?

With continuous and conscious effort you will start seeing changes in you and your though process. you will feel confident and grounded.


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