Authentic Freedom Class Announcement

Authentic Freedom

Tuesdays 6:30 – 8:30 pm

April 14, 2015 – June 16, 2015

Facilitated by Lauri Ann Lumby and Michelle Davies-Schaeve

Course Fee:  $225.00 (payable in up to four installments, includes a copy of Authentic Freedom and student workbook.)

To register, call Lauri Lumby at (920) 230-1313 or email ($50.00 nonrefundable deposit required to secure your place in the class.)


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Did Jesus Die for Our Sins?

In anticipation of Palm Sunday and Holy Week, enjoy this excerpt from this week’s Agape’ Meditation Newsletter, supplement to the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church.  Learn more about the Authentic Freedom Virtual Church and how to subscribe HERE. 


Dying for our Sins

It has been said that Jesus died for our sins. This is true, not as an atonement, or as a payment for our sins, but for the sake of sin itself. Sin is that which arises out of our perceived separation from God. “Original sin” as it is spoken of in the Christian tradition is the perceived separation from God. Unlike other humans before him, Jesus came to understand that this separation from God is not real, but is simply a false perception created so that one might have a human experience. Jesus also understood that this perceived separation is the cause of human suffering. Jesus discovered that his (and our) original nature is not in fact separation from God, but Oneness with God. After Jesus came to understand this Oneness within himself and found the comfort, healing, peacefulness and love inherent in this state of Oneness, he sought to teach it to others.

The problem was that there were those who benefitted from a humanity wallowing in the fear of this perceived separation. People who have forgotten their Oneness with God are afraid and anxious and will either seek to have control over others as a way of trying to escape these feelings of powerlessness or will allow themselves to be controlled by others because of their fear. In Jesus’ time, those who were threatened by the healing promised by Jesus in recalling their Oneness with God, were the government and religious officials who were in positions of power and who benefitted because of people’s fears.

When challenged by those in power about the truth that he had come to know in his Oneness with God, Jesus had a choice. He could have recanted his truth and agreed that it was the Romans or the High Priests who were right, or he could have stood by his truth. Jesus stood by his truth (“I AM”…One with God). It was for the sake of this truth that he was willing to die. This is how we can say that Jesus died for (the sake of) our sins.

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Singing Us Home

viewing images of this week’s Northern (Southern) Lights brought me to tears and made me think of home……


Northern Lights

Dancing lights of purple, orange, fuschia and green

Lighting up the night sky

Atmospheric phenomenon brought on by arcs of fire from the sun

The Northern or Southern Lights

Aurora Borealis

Or quite simply, the gods singing us home.

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Surrendering to the Void – Superhero Report

Superhero Report – Week of March 15, 2015

Entering into the Void

During this week’s gatherings of the Superhero Academy, we explored the fruitful time we are now entering into….the time of the VOID.  Void time arrives after all the work has been done and the seeds planted and all we can do is WAIT.  The void is a time of both reward for work well done and preparation for the new life that is waiting to BURST FORTH…..interestingly….sometime around Easter this year (April 4-5).  While the Superhero Report is usually only available by subscription (SUBSCRIBE HERE subscribe botton

and also receive the weekly Authentic Freedom Virtual Church video service and meditation newsletter), I thought this so critical to where we are moving as a species, that I chose to make it available to all!  In celebration of the VOID time….I share with you two poems about entering into the VOID.  Enjoy!


Sitting in the Void

Copyright 2015 Lauri Ann Lumby 

Sitting in the void.

Quiet and Still.

Waiting for what has been to take root within…

Or quietly pass away.


Breathing.  Sighing.  Resting.

A seed in the soil

Where there is nothing else to do but

Wait…and allow.

Listening in the silence

For a trickle of rain,

The rush of the wind,

The warmth of the sun penetrating the earth.

Here in the darkness, there is nothing to see –

Only a wall of dirt  –  as in a grave.


In a grave that is not a grave,

Something unimaginable –

Wholely and completely new and unknown

Is waiting to be born.


As all at once a seed becomes a tree – so shall it be for me.



 Time Standing Still

Copyright 2015  Lauri Ann Lumby 


What does one write when there are no poems to be written,

No words to be said,

No songs to be sung?

When all one can do is wait…

and watch

and wonder?

In this place where time is void.

When all that can be done has been done

And there’s nothing left to plan…

or strategize,

or figure out.

After the Universe exhales

And before She takes her next breath

Pressing pause –

Holding our breath

Almost afraid to breathe –

Not wanting to interrupt Universe’s creation

Knowing if a butterfly is removed too soon from its shell it will die –

Not desiring a similar fate for ourselves.

Joining with time where time is void and simply standing still.




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Ode to the Celtic in All of Us

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  In celebration of my Celtic ancestry….and the Irish in all of us, I share with you two poems born out of my Celtic heart!  (both to be included in my upcoming book, Happily Ever After – from co-dependency to the fulfillment of love) For the Celtic in all of us!  Slainte!



Irish sensibility in a single phrase means, “all senses firing.”

A courageous openness and compelling urge to

move toward all things…

Daring to embody the full extent of feelings, sensations, ideas and experiences

Especially those which others might avoid –

Desolation, despair, disease, and death.

Irresistably drawn toward darkness, suffering and pain.

Curiosity for the macabre or raw, unbridled courage?

Perhaps they are one and the same.

Irishness comes with a certain measure of masochism

But not for the sake of one’s own misery,

But for the sake of understanding so that we may be present for another there.

Not as voyeurs, but in an overwhelming out pouring of unconditional support.

We’ve been there.

We know.

Defining Irish hospitality, not by our food, our damp climate, houses smelling of peat, or the aroma of drying wool, but by our ability to be with you in your pain, remaining there until every tear has been spilt, every rage unfurled, and every heartbreak repaired.



Thirteen of the Thirteen


Left foot first, sword in hand

13 of the 13 of the 13

The sword of truth

To think and dream and write

Her pen is her sword.


Of elfin ancestors.

Daughter of the Tuatha de Daanan and Pictish warriors.

Tattooed in woad,

Anointed in lodestone in a time before time.


Consort of the God beneath the Tor

Married to the Son of Light.

Morgaine and Miriam her South and her West.

Druid Priestess and Priest in the henge of stone,

And in the oaken grove of Gaul.


Walking the sacred labyrinth of immortal time

Life from life

Death from death

Dying and reborn

Reborn and dying.


Queen of the fifth dimension

Samantha’s gossamer cape

Rhiannon’s ring

A spoon full of sugar

and Midnight Margaritas.

Awakening the Aquarian Age

A magical purpose and call

To think and dream and love.

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The Potentiality of Anxiety – Guest Writer, Aimee LaBree Hohn

I met Aimee LaBree Hohn while standing in the lunch line at the Presentation Center in Los Gatos, California while attending my first academic seminar with Sofia University.  Aimee looked down at my nametag and asked, “Are you Lumbee Indian?”  I was startled at her question as I thought no one but my daydreaming father knew of the legendary disappearing tribe with the characteristic grey eyes.  I responded, “No, but my dad wishes we were.”  She countered with, “Oh.  I have a friend in Minneapolis with the last name Lumby who says they are Lumbee Indian.”  Now I was really startled.  “If their last name is Lumby, we’re probably related.  Is it Scott or Annie?”  “No,” she said.  “Now I can’t remember his name…..Oh yeah, Patrick.”  “Um……” (I could hardly talk now as synchronicity was obviously hard at work) “That’s my brother.”  What are the odds of meeting someone 2000 miles from home who not only knows my brother, is dear friends with his wife AND now turns out to be my classmate?  Aimee and I have been great friends ever since and as it turns out, soul-sisters.  I’m so excited to be sharing Aimee’s wisdom as part of an on-going conversation about anxiety and its role in the unfolding of our Soul and our Soul’s purpose.  Thank you dear sister!  I love you!


Lynette Cook, Gemini Observatory

Lynette Cook, Gemini Observatory

po·ten·ti·al·i·ty (pə-tĕn′shē-ăl′ĭ-tē)

  1. the state of being potential.
  2.  Inherent capacity for growth, development, or coming into existence.
  3. Something possessing such capacity.


I am honored to have been asked to share some writing by wonderful Lauri, a classmate, soul-sister, and inspiration. The other day, she sent us a blip from Lauren Gorgo’s website describing anxiety as an energetic mimic of high vibrational energy.

I am a highly anxious person. I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at the age of 19. My strange little behaviors—like severe rumination about having AIDS at a non-sexually active 12 years old, and confessing to teachers that I had “damaged” school property with my fingernail—while entertaining, didn’t seem so strange anymore. It is a chemical imbalance (if we’re going with that theory). It was my growing spirituality and intuition that helped me garner tools to survive, and I was graced with some pretty powerful experiences that nudged me toward my path today. I bring my story with me every time I meet with a client and feel compassion for the anxious. It would be nice if that was the end of the story. Far from.

My anxiety takes different forms and rears its ugly head at random. Last year I had a sustained full-body panic attack that left me shaking, unable to catch my breath, crying, laughing, and tired for an entire week. This coincided with a trip I was on to a spiritual place during a turning point in my life. This triangulation was not lost on me. The anxiety was spurring me to make decisions, dammit! Make them NOW! Did I do this immediately? No—but that’s another story called “Don’t Be Afraid to Jump!” I’m working on it. Through talking with others, I realize that anxiety seems to be felt by everyone at increased levels lately. Vibrational shift, we’re hearing. This shift seems to be showing up through anxiety that has no obvious cause—more “Who am I and why am I here?” than the usual “I have to speak in front of these 100 people!” So, I reflected on Gorgo’s theory while driving the other day—a major channeling time for me.

I think she’s right. What came through is that anxiety may be a misinterpretation of energy reception; our brains trying to shut out perceived negative energy that is actually telling us specific things for our positive futures. I believe it is potentiality that we are feeling. I felt nervous energy wash over me as I got the following info about this potentiality:

We are given the seeds of change through the ideas we get; the nervous ticklings, the what-ifs. We are channeling! If we want to change jobs, we need to facilitate it. If we want to get healthy, we need to facilitate it. The time is now. Nervous energy holds unhatched and potential action. Our society teaches us to medicate this, not harness it; to see it as disorder and not creative material. When we are unable to process our ideas, or stifle them, we disrupt the flow from our Creator, our Universe.  What we process as “fear” is showing us the way to love. Even those “normal” anxious feelings are opening doors. What happens if instead of shutting down we honor the energetic message?

Anais Nin’s quote came to mind: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

We experience anxiety and pain when we attempt to stifle our blossoming.

External situations cannot control our emotions when we don’t allow them to. We fear the movement into our true purpose only because we are re-aligning and breaking old patterns. I have been experiencing this through shaking, shortness of breath, headaches, breakouts, sickness, anger. How are you experiencing it?

As we move towards and through the process, we must listen. We must remember to break patterns that don’t serve us anymore. For me, it is certain types of food. For others it may be certain behaviors. We dampen our energetic potential through the tools we use to numb ourselves. It anesthetizes energy and ekes away at the health that we need to create our path. When we crave these anesthetics we are craving the comfort of old patterns. Anxiety swells up to remind us. I imagine you can think of your patterns right now—those old fallbacks that seem to comfort us but actually cycle us into non-action. Remember, though, we must also be forgiving. Breaking the patterns can be like a mourning process. We leave behind rituals that do not serve our brighter future. Perhaps they protected us then, but today we let them go. . . Coffee, this is going to be a hard one.

What if there is more to it? Different types of anxiety? Anxiety also:

Propels us to ACT: Notifying us that something is wrong physically or emotionally that needs immediate attention. People, foods, chemicals, and environments affect us. Our bodies put up alarm bells–fight or flight.

Assures us of TRUST: We must allow decisions to flow. We get anxious if we can’t have the answers, NOW! We can’t dictate what will be, we can merely play our part in the Universal plan. This is a physical response to the dualistic ideas of “wrong” and “right” at any given time and anxiety reminds us to live in the grey area of not-knowing. I heard somewhere once that anxiety is our current fear of a previous result. We fear this negative result will play out again but we cannot know what will happen next!

Encourages us to PROTECT: We can pick up negative spiritual energy/entities. We can experience active or imprinted energies that hold current or historic emotions. For example, if I have an earthbound spirit in my area that holds addiction, sadness, or anxiety, I will react to this. Additionally, I will experience the energy of other humans if I don’t protect myself and hold awareness of how others’ emotions are affecting me. Energy is catching.

I have been sitting with this information to integrate it. It feels like a truth I forgot. My anxiety is particularly bad in the mornings, but lately I’ve noticed this: I slowly wake with hands subconsciously placed on my 3rd and 4th chakras. . . As if through comforting my body’s “anxious” energy, I am also holding power to facilitate change in my life, creative potential, and the love that flows from all of us as we bring our light and service into the world.

Aimee ProfileAimee V. LaBree Hohn is an educator, intuitive counselor, and lover of all things mysterious. She is a student of the paranormal and metaphysical with a background in History and Master’s degrees in Education and Transpersonal Studies (Psychology). She has taught internationally and locally on topics ranging from multicultural education to spirit effects on the human psyche. She utilizes her intuitive gifts, varied studies, and experience to assist others on their paths towards wellness and remembering their spiritual selves. More information about Aimee and her services can be found at

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Making Love with Kat Von D



Making Love with Kat Von D

Matt Sorum Presents The Darling Stillettos on July 16, 2009, Cinespace, Hollywood, California, USA

Dreams are such amazing things.  Odd.  Nebulous.  Confusing and Symbolic.  And yet sometimes, palpably real.  Like the other night when I was making love with Kat Von D.  Perhaps the fact that I’m really only attracted to men is what made these sensations (I’ll spare you the details) even more real.  But even so – this dream felt REAL. Real as in the vivid colors, the tastes and textures, the real physical nature of Kat, herself and the surroundings.  More real than watching a movie.  Real as if we were actually there.

Then perhaps we were.  Real in the sense of something tangible being accomplished.  Something that could perhaps be measured in the 3D world of waking consciousness.  Real in the sense of the outward manifestation of the inward experience of lovemaking.  For lovemaking, as we all know, has its ultimate expression in the bringing forth of new life.


So, what kind of new life might be brought forth from making love with Kat Von D?  As my ultimate girl crush (after Stevie Nicks of course), I adore her.  To me, Kat is the quintessential representation of the fulfillment of creative expression.  With her Rockstar clothes, hair, makeup and nearly fully tattooed body, I see all the ways I would like to be dressed if my heart was completely in charge.  Her look says, “I’m confident in who I am and in what I believe and if you don’t like it, I don’t give a f… “  In fact, tattooed on her arm is her personal epitaph, “DILLIGAF” – Do I look like I give a f…?  Beyond her look, is the way in which she has surrounded herself with all things beautiful – and her style is again, just how I would decorate if my heart was completely in charge – Victorian Gothic ala Edgar Allen Poe (I’d probably skip the taxidermy collection though – I’m not really into dead things).

But it’s not just Kat’s outward appearance or the way she decorates her shop and her home – it is the way she openly reveals her heart.  Through her writing, her art, her personal relationships, the intimate connections she has fostered with her family and her professional team which she boldly displays on her “family tree.”  (see more on this in her book, “Go Big or Go Home!” ) And her life is her art – tattooing, playing piano, drawing, painting, decorating (herself and her home), writing, composing and now (I hear) singing.  She has made a life and a success of creating.


THIS is the child I want to be born out of my dreamtime coupling with Kat Von D – to make a life and a success of creating and for that creating to drip off of me like paint on a canvas for all the world to see – not for my own glory – but so that the rest of the world may be inspired to do the same – as my love of Kat Von D has done for me.

Kat, if you are reading,  THANK YOU!

Learn more about Kat Von D here:

Find Kat’s books on!

Enjoy Kat’s beauty line at

Who inspires you to be more of who you are really meant to be? 


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